Costs of living in Spain

Are you thinking of visiting or moving to Spain? In this guide we broke down the costs of living in Spain, so you can find out how much some common products and services will cost you. You can easily find out how much the shopping basket will cost (fruit, meat, vegetables, drink …), what is the approximate price of eating the day’s menu in a restaurant or the cost of public transport and taxi.

The basic monthly expenses (housing, food, transport, clothing and footwear, education and recreation) to live in Spain may vary depending on the region in which you live.

In general, the cost of living in large Spanish cities (Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao) tends to be more expensive than in the province.

To live in Spain you need approximately 1,500 euros per month. This amount is estimated for a single person and includes food, housing, basic services (electricity, telephone, water, gas), transport, clothing and entertainment. The figures are approximate and may vary from year to year. An additional 300 euros will have to be added for each child.

The average monthly rental cost is 670 euros per month. The rent of a one-bedroom apartment (60 square meters) is approximately 450 to 500 euros per month. If the flat has two or three rooms (between 60 and 90 square meters), the figure can be estimated between 550 and 600 euros. Bear in mind that this numbers may vary a lot depending on the city in which you live. Let’s see a cost breakdown.

Costs of life in Barcelona

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