Real Estate Lawyers in Spain

At MySpanishResidency we are specialists in real estate law. We advise you on all the legal implications of real estate transactions, whether you carry them out at a private or business level.
All real estate transactions involve the preparation and negotiation of numerous legal documents, including deposit contracts, guarantees, loan agreements and deeds.

For this reason, our real estate lawyers can advise you in the best way in any operation you want to do. Areas of action:

  • Analysis of the registry status of real estate.
  • Analysis of the technical state of real estate (architectural report).
  • Advice on the state of charges and encumbrances of real estate.
  • Advice on the cancellation of censuses.
  • Censuses, consultations and procedures before the Property Registry.
  • Tax planning of real estate investment and taxation of the real estate sector.
  • Assistance in fiscal and administrative inspections in investments or real estate projects.

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Why choosing a property lawyer in Spain

Thinking about buying, selling or managing your properties in Spain can be  stressful and difficult sometimes. 

You may encounter unforeseen circumstances which are beyond your power and often seem impossible to manage, but that is where MySpanishResidency can help. With a dedicated, experienced and professional team, we can offer you the best Spanish property lawyers in Spain.

MySpanishResidency offers many advantages to all clients seeking help with real estate investment advice in Spain. Our lawyers have experience in real estate law, demonstrating our ability in this competitive market. We are proud to have a highly qualified and dedicated team with extensive knowledge of real estate  and property law. That is why we offer competitive prices and a practical approach ensuring we deliver fast and efficient results.

By spending years and solving numerous cases, we have earned the respect and trust of our clients.

ENGLISH SPEAKING real estate lawyers

Having clients from all over the world makes it compulsory to have a team of lawyers that speaks different languages.

We are diverse team with different nationalities and languages.

All our team is composed by english speaking lawyers, but we also speak German, French, Finnish, Swedish, Catalan and  of course, Spanish.


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Find real estate opportunities in Spain and property investment deals. 

The Golden Visa is a residence permit for those who invest in Real Estate in Spain. 

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