Best Bank Accounts In Spain

Whatever the case may be, finding the best bank is always important, and something we may want when looking to open a bank account. Therefore, in this article we show the list of best banks in Spain.

Now, in 2023, the title of the ‘best bank in Spain’ isn’t given lightly. To earn this distinction, an institution must meet specific criteria and provide top-quality services across a range of categories, including accounts, withdrawals, mobile and security solutions, customer service, and consistent availability.

Here’s a list of the best banks in Spain for 2023. These are the financial institutions that have not only maintained their reputation but also set themselves apart in the current year. Many of them are globally recognized for their significance in the Spanish banking landscape and are closely supervised by the Banco de España.

The financial institutions featured in this article have earned their status as the go-to choices for users and specialized organizations seeking the best bank for withdrawing money, making deposits, opening accounts, applying for loans, and conducting various procedures, all with the added convenience of online access and low commissions. They’re also known for offering English-speaking support and straightforward, user-friendly operations.

Best Banks in Spain for Expats

Spain is a country where many people go to work and make a living coming from other countries, whether from the EU or also from Latin America, Asia and the rest of the continents.
These non-residents in the Spanish country are in the need to have a bank account, immediately and in order to start paying for services, such as rent and different subscriptions where local accounts or debit card use is required.
Depending on their characteristics, services and general approach, there are banks in Spain that are better for expats than others, since requirements are not the same in comparison to residents.
Such features are related with paperwork that shows identity and employment, residences, visas, along with general services such as being the best bank to withdraw money in Spain, commission-free solutions, quality service, security and credit and debit card use. Here are some of the best banks in Spain for non-residents.

1. BBVA Bank Spain

When it comes to opening a bank account in Spain and particularly for non-residents, the BBVA Bank Spain is definitely a choice to have in mind. This financial group is the second largest and most relevant in the whole country, created in 1857 and fused with Argentaria Bank in 1999, having operations in over 30 countries and including South America.
In terms of services, the BBVA bank makes easy to use its services through the mobile app, in terms of transactions and money transfers, service payment and even account opening, all through the application where BBVA online banking Spain really shines.
There is also the chance for expats to open the Non-resident bank account BBVA bank, and therefore starting having the benefits of being integrated into the financial system of the country, with basic requirements.

2. Caixabank

When it comes to opening a bank account in Spain, especially for non-residents, CaixaBank stands out as a top choice. As one of the leading financial institutions in the country, CaixaBank has a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1904. With a strong presence not only in Spain but also across Europe, it offers a range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of its customers.

CaixaBank’s commitment to convenience and modern banking is evident through its user-friendly mobile app. This application streamlines various financial activities, including hassle-free transactions, quick and secure money transfers, bill payments, and even the straightforward process of opening an account. CaixaBank’s online banking in Spain offers a seamless and efficient digital banking experience.

For expatriates and non-residents, CaixaBank provides the opportunity to open a non-resident bank account, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of integrating into the Spanish financial system. The requirements for opening such an account are straightforward, making it a practical choice for those seeking financial services while living or investing in Spain.

3. Santander Bank

The Santander Bank Spain group is the biggest financial entity of this sort in Spain, and therefore offering services and solutions that make easier for users to carry out operations, especially the Santander Online Banking Spain that allows to open new accounts, make money transfers and pay for services, all in one place and through one application on the phone.
This is particularly a great advantage for non-residents, with basic requirements that are needed and guarantying reliability, security, low commissions and English speaking workers for those who does not speak Spanish.

4. Sabadell Bank Spain

Sabadell Bank Spain is at spot 5 in terms of the largest financial organizations in the country. Being recommended for their solutions for small and half-size industries and businesses, Sabadell is perfect for entrepreneurs coming to Spain to work.
This bank is suitable also for those non-residents of the country who want to be integrated with the financial system, and obtain a debit card and online access to the official Sabadell platform to make payments.
Another advantage for non-residents is the fact that this bank offers a professional team of workers, English-speakers and contracts and policies also written in this language for immigrants from United States, England and other countries. Commissions are low too and there is also availiability of banco Sabadell Spain online banking.

5. Bankia Spain

Bankia Spain financial group is a relatively new bank created in the country in 2010, fusing 10 other smaller entities into one that was founded as an Institutional Protection Scheme or ISP.
When it comes to advantages and services for the non-residents, Bankia is perfect by providing suitable solutions, such as the On Account or Cuenta On, with no commission whatsoever for any transaction, and also no minimum balance requirement either.
The best part is that accounts can be open online and operations are also carry out this way, and in case users are in the need of going to a local branch, the staff is very professional and capable of speaking English.

CaixaBank and Bankia Boards of Directors approved a merger plan to create Spain’s leading bank.The new entity, which will maintain the CaixaBank brand, is to be founded with the aim of adding value to customers, improving profitability for shareholders and continuing to support Spain’s economic recovery. More info here:

bankia bank spain

Online Bank Accounts In Spain

A few banks in Spain offer financial solutions using a relatively new approach, having plenty of advantages respecting time saving, permanency, reliability, ease of use and even opening; we are talking about the online bank accounts.
Different entities allow to open bank account Spain online with an easy procedure, through platforms on the internet, such as websites and applications that can be executed in computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.
Opening an online bank account in Spain is a service that a few banks in the country offer, allowing the user to carry out the procedure completely by themselves, resulting quite useful for expats and non-residents that want to have a debit card and online bank accounts to manage money and perform transactions. These are a few banks in Spain that provide online bank accounts:

1. Revoult Spain

The Revoult Spain online bank is a digital banking app; a new approach about offering financial solutions, through an application in which the user can do every procedure and transaction, with low fees, reliability and state-of-the-art features.
The focus of the Revoult bank is offering financial advantages and tools for those who travel a lot or have the need to work in other country other than their own, and being non-residents the need some features that allow them to spend money and pay on the go, including internationals transactions.
For many, Revoult Spain is perfect for expats since it gives the user a suitable bank account with international approach, digital and accesable from any device, with no hidden fees and an IBAN number that is required in Spain for money transactions and pay insurance and other services.

2. N26 Online Bank

The N26 is completely an app-based digital bank founded in Germany, but offering services in Spain and even the IBAN number that is required for formal financial operations in the country and the possibility to have a bank account and make payments.

n26 online bank accounts
N26 Spain Bank does not have physical branches but does not need them at all, since the amazing application offers every service, function and possibility of managing assets and perform different procedures and transactions, all though mobile devices. That is why; it is a perfect choice for those who travel or non-residents that work in the Spain and need bank account.

3. TransferWise

TransferWise is a multi-currency service and online digital account, designed for those users that work abroad and are in the need of a financial platform, always available and with access to a debit card for withdrawing money directly from ATMs.
Accounts in TransferWise Spain can be open directly from a smartphone or tablet using the application, following a few steps and being ideals for non-residents, not only in Spain but in all countries of the EU, England, United States, New Zealand and others, working the account and debit card just fine in every territory. Currencies are not a problem since exchange rates are taken directly and fees are of the smallest users can find.

Wrapping up… The best bank account for non-residents.

When it comes to financial solutions and bank accounts that are mandatory to use for different services and operations in Spain, and particularly for non-residents and expats that work in the country and travel abroad frequently, online bank accounts and app-based accounts are perfect,
This is because of their remote approach, basic requirements and ease of use, with no need of physical branches, low fees and availability of international transactions overseas that make users´ lives a lot easier with simple ATM withdrawals in different currencies and with small commissions, in comparison to traditional local bank accounts.

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  1. Can a tourist on a schengen visa open a bank account in Spain? If so, what are the requirements and how many days before the account is activated? so that the duration of the trip can be planned. the account will be used to possibly purchase property / for non lucrative visa purposes. Thank you.

  2. Hi,
    My name is Florin ,UE/Canadian citizen,non Spanish resident and have an account with Santander.
    Is it difficult to change the type of the account and the location where is held ?
    Thank You,

  3. Hi,

    I was happy with BANKIA since CAIXA took it over. Since then it’s a catastrophe, fees of 140 EUR/ year, my internet account completely blocked with no solution from CAIXA in spite of numerous attemps to ask for help. Spanish friends confirm the catatrophic reputation of CAIXA.

    I consider an online bank and I would be grateful from all of you of you have more information and experience to tell us



  4. Hello,
    which bank you ended up opening an account with. I would like to buy a property in Spain so I would be glad for any recommendation, advice.
    Thank you

  5. Hello,
    Can I ask you to tell me which bank you finally chose? Also, as a non-EU resident, I will need to open an account with a Spanish bank as I want to buy a property here.
    Thanks a lot

  6. Hello MSResidency

    I am a US citizen looking to open up a back account to pay utilities as well because I am going to buy property in Spain. What bank would you suggest? I’ve heard good things of ING??

  7. Thank you very much for the information. For everyone without DNI (Spanish ID) or NIE it’s impossible to open an account on any of the banks cited.

    • Yes, it is a Spanish bank. You can use it to prove that you have money in Spain. We can help you with obtaining residency.

  8. Santander Bank in Marbella are absolutely terrible.
    We have had an account with them for 6 years and their service is appalling.
    If like us you do not live there but have property and therefore need a Spanish bank account they will keep blocking your account so that you can not transfer money to pay your bills. ( If you do not pay bills on time you incur large fines in Spain ) They refuse to communicate with you except in person at the bank where your account is held. They are belligerent and rude and do not seem to know how to rectify your problems, usually saying “try it tomorrow and if it is still blocked , come back.”
    Since Brexit they have passed a law allowing Spanish banks to freeze your account any time they wish with the excuse that you might be laundering money. They completely abuse this law and many UK residents have been forced out of Spain because of their punitive treatment.
    Why don’t we change banks?
    All Spanish banks are the same.

    • Well, Ian, I cannot say that I share your experience. In particular your last statement “All Spanish banks are the same” is a crass generalisation. I have bought a property a few years ago with finance through Sabadell and never had any problems with them. And my property is in the Alicante region, which is home to a very large British community. Never have I heard anybody complain the way you do here. There might be issues in a particular branch with some staff, but what is stopping you from changing branch or even the bank? Your rant is not helpful and you must answer your own question: Why don’t we change banks?


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