Best Travel Destinations in Spain

Start preparing your list of best destinations in Spain for when the Coronavirus is Over Spain is wonderful. We have it all: unparalleled cuisine, amazing landscape contrast, huge historical legacy… We have selected 30 places to visit in Spain, at least once in a lifetime. It is true that it … Read More

guide to spanish state pensions

Spanish State pensions in 2020

Spanish state pensions are tools designed and developed by many countries to provide payment and incomes for their natural citizens and also for legalised residents, and therefore when they retire the can count with a monthly and fixed sum of money to spend and enjoy in their latest years. Now, … Read More

The Spanish Passport: Everything you need to know

The Spanish passport is a public, personal, individual and non-transferable document, issued by the General State Administration in Spain, which accredits the identity and nationality of Spanish citizens. If you are a foreigner in Spain, but you already managed to obtain Spanish Citizenship, you may want to apply for a … Read More

getting a mortgage in Spain

Guide on getting a Mortgage in Spain in 2020

Mortgages or home loans are the financial or banking product to which the average saver spends the most money. Buying a home with a mortgage is still the priority for many people and, through mortgage loans, it is possible to acquire our home.Our mortgage experts explain everything you need to … Read More

how will brexit will affect expats

How will brexit affect british expats living in Spain

In June 2016, Britain voted to leave the European Union after a small group of nationalists sold British voters a simple message: Brexit will be a quick and easy return to greatness. With the third Brexit deadline now 31 January 2020, it is certain the UK will leave the European … Read More

retiring in spain

Retiring in spain: Legal Requirements, Best Cities and Costs.

Spain is one of the great beach destinations of European countries. Its warm climate most of the year, the low price of food and the good living standards, make retiring in Spain one of the best options for foreigners. Each year the International Living Global Retirement Index looks at the … Read More