Buying a house in Spain in 2023

If are thinking of buying a house in Spain as a foreigner, you will need to sort out some bureaucracy before being able to purchase any property.

The Spanish property market has many quirks, and it pays to do your research before buying a home in Spain. Knowing what to expect when buying property in Spain can help avoid any pitfalls of setting up your life abroad. Factors to be aware of when buying Spanish property include property scams, high capital gains tax, and fluctuations in the Spanish real estate market.

The steps to follow when buying a house are not always intuitive. In addition, it is necessary to have clear which taxes and expenses we will have to pay to acquire the house.

Whether you are looking for a property in coastal areas or in a large city like Madrid or Barcelona, this guide is for you.

Are there any requirements to buy a house in Spain?

buy a property in spain
buying a property in spain

The only thing you need when buying a property in Spain as a foreigner (in legal terms) is the NIE (Número de Identificación del extranjero). This number, which is unique to each individual, is essential to carry out any transaction in Spain. Since it must appear on all documents that you sign or are issued in Spain, you must have it before signing the deed. The NIE is not complicated to obtain, but it does take a long time; ask your real estate agent to make it easier for you to obtain the NIE in order to speed up the process as much as possible.

In addition, although it is not compulsory, having a bank account in Spain will make all the formalities easier, as it will make payments faster and will probably save you some commissions.

Finally, remember that once you are the owner of a property in Spain, you must appoint a tax representative if you are not resident in Spain.

How to buy a home in Spain step by step.

buying a house in spain process

Although each buying process differs significantly, in general, the phases found in any real estate operation would consist of the following:

Tax and Budget Planning buying a house in spain

The costs of acquiring a house are mainly paid by the buyer, and vary from region to region. Taxes and other paid by the buyer include:

  • Property transfer tax 6–10% (existing properties) / VAT (or IVA) at 10% (new properties);
  • Notary costs, title deed tax and land registration fee 1–2.5%;
  • Legal fees 1–2% (including VAT).

Get your NIE

Contact the Spanish administration to get your tax identification number. You don’t need a bank account to buy a house, but we advise you to get one before buying the house. Here you can check out the best bank accounts in Spain.

Search for properties in Spain

buying a house in spain
how to buy a house in spain from uk

Our lawyers can help finding properties in Spain. If you feel confident enough, you can also search for a property yourself, by making use for portals like, fotocasa… etc. When looking for properties, you might want to make sure that the ads that you see are not scams. This is what you should look for when searching for a home in Spain:

  • The qualifications of the attorneys or real estate agents engaged
  • There is adequate planning approval, according to the land registration (Registro de la Propriedad).
  • There are no outstanding obligations on the property
  • That the structure of the property is sound (either a surveyor or an architect can do this).


The Spanish Land Registry (Registro Catastral) is a government-run database that keeps track of who owns what in Spain. It should be updated every time a property is sold and transferred, in order to safeguard ownership rights and prevent a property from being sold again.

Reservation agreement and letter of Intent.

When a buyer pays a fee and reserves the right to acquire a property in Spain for a set length of time (the reservation term), it is known as a reservation agreement. During the reserve period, the builder or developer states that the property will not be sold to another party.

In addition, a letter of intent may be presented by one party to another party and subsequently negotiated before execution (or signature).

Payment of the Property Transfer Tax or VAT

buy a house in spain
is it a good time to buy property in spain

Pay the applicable taxes and update the Land Registry with the new information.

Is buying a house as an investment in Spain a Good idea?

The Spanish property market has varied a lot in recent years, but it has been in a recovery phase since its terrible 30% drop between 2008 and 2014. Buying Spanish property is an excellent investment right now. Specially if you are looking to obtain a Golden Visa.


Yes! If you are British and you are thinking of buying a house in Spain to retire you are still allowed to do so. However, you will be subject to the Non-EU regulations, which make the path of buying property in European Countries a little bit more complicated. Applying for a Spanish Non Lucrative Visa might speed the process of purchasing the house.

Costs when buying a house in Spain

If you want to know which is the average price per square meter in the main cities, you can check out the following table:

LocationProperty price per sq.m
Santa Cruz de Tenerife€1527
Palma de Mallorca€2897

FAQs when buying a house in spain as an american.

Are foreigners allowed buying a house in spain?

Of course! There are no restrictions on buying property in Spain, whether it’s commercial, residential or land. In fact, Spain encourages investment by foreigners, both resident and non-resident. Remember that if you buy a house worth more than €500.000 you can apply for a Golden Visa. If you do not buy a house for this value, you can apply for a spanish retirement visa or NLV Spain.

What are the taxes I need to pay when buying a house in spain?

All property owners in Spain are required to pay three different taxes each year. If you are a resident, you are subject to Income Tax (including Capital Gains Tax) and Real Estate Tax (IBI).
If you are a non-resident in Spain, you are subject to Income Tax (including Capital Gains Tax), Property Tax, plus an additional Non-resident Property Tax. Here you can find more info about property taxes.

Can I get citizenship if a buying a house in spain?

Sure! Spain encourages new home buyers by offering its Golden Visa residency program.

Do I have to pay the downpayment directly to the seller?

Yes, that is usual in Spain. Unlike in most western countries where the down payment is paid to an escrow agent (closed account, trustee, Notary, etc.) instead of to the seller, the local practice in Spain tends to surprise foreign buyers.
Any risk can be reduced to very little with some basic reviews, for example, making sure that the time between the payment of any deposit and the final sales deed is not excessively long, making sure the seller is not a company on the verge of bankruptcy, and confirming that the outstanding amount of the mortgage does not equal the purchase price (in which case the down-payment cannot be paid to the seller because the whole purchase price has to be paid to the bank). With the right due diligence, it is acceptable in Spain to do as the Spaniards do – pay the down payment directly to the seller at the time of signing the down payment agreement.

Buying a house in spain: Deposits and Mortgages

In general, non-resident buyers in Spain can enjoy the same mortgage conditions as Spaniards, i.e. up to 80% cover in the case of a first home, and between 60 and 70% in the case of a second home.

This means that you must have a minimum of 20% of the price of the available property, plus approximately 15% extra on the cost of the property to pay taxes, lawyer’s fees, notary fees, etc. In addition, your debt cannot exceed 30-35% of your income.

Other important information to bear in mind is that mortgages in Spain are normally taken out for a minimum of five years and a maximum of thirty, with the maximum age of 75 years for completing the mortgage. It should also be noted that each institution has its own risk criteria, in which the country of residence can be included, and that properties abroad are not usually accepted as collateral, as it is difficult to reach them.

You can read more about getting a mortgage in Spain in this article.

Taxes to buying a house in spain

When you buy a property in Spain, you will be obligated to pay some taxes. Property taxes vary wether you are buying a brand new property or a resale property.

Taxes when buying a house in spain

When buying a brand new property, which is being sold for the first time, you will have to pay 10% VAT on the value of the property and the additional 1.5% on behalf of the Legal Documentation Tax.

Taxes when buying a resale property

When buying a resale property (a property that has changed hands at least once) you will be required to pay the Transfer Tax or ITP in Spanish, that is levied on a sliding scale depending on the purchase price.

For more information about property tax in Spain, you can check the linked article.

Property lawyers in Spain for buying a house in spain

If you are going to buy a property and want to save yourself future problems, it is advisable to seek advice from a property lawyer in Spain. The savings far exceed the cost of legal fees.

Buying your home is usually the largest investment for most individuals. Even those who own several properties tend to invest cautiously in the real estate market. Real estate companies always use the services of lawyers before making an investment.

In short, the services of a lawyer are often more useful for preventive than corrective purposes. But most people still hire them when it’s too late.

The effort to find a good advisor can save you a lot of trouble.

How a lawyer can help when buying a house in spain

Before entering into the purchase of a property, basic tasks of research and analysis must be carried out. It is important to check that the property is in order and that the contracts of purchase and sale and, where appropriate, mortgage loan, will not end up causing problems.

In addition, tax burdens represent a significant percentage of the operation. Together with the associated costs, they can increase the sale price by up to 20%. It is therefore a good idea to know this extra before you get a fright.

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  1. Hello and thank you for such great information and guides to buying properties in Spain.
    I would like to know in order for a foreigner to apply for NIE, for the purpose of buying a property in Spain, does the applicant have to present a signed purchase contract from the seller or the real estate agent as the reason for applying for NIE?
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    Ali Jannati

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    “This means that you must have a minimum of 20% of the price of the available property, plus approximately 15% extra on the cost of the property to pay taxes, lawyer’s fees, notary fees, etc.” Does this mean I need to have 35% of the value of the property on hand to be able to make an offer? EG: if the property is worth 300k, do I need a downpayment of 60k + another 45k for extra fees? (total of 105k)

    Is there any difference in this for a foreigner wanting to move to Spain? Does it vary based on location?

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    I’ve put down a deposit and have signed a contract to purchase a property in Spain, with the completion date being 31st October.
    Ideally I’m looking to get a mortgage with a Spanish bank – but could also borrow the money from family and friends initially and then remortgage at a later date, as a backup option.
    If I were to choose to purchase the property in cash, what steps are required? Find a lawyer, arrange appointments with the notary, get a bank account, etc. etc?


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    I am looking for a lawyer and I found one who told me that her fees are around 2800 euro TTC. I see in her list that there are a few services that I don’t need like opening a bank account.
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    Im from Morocco and would like to buy a flat in spain around 50k Euro , is this will guarantee me a residency card?
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      For buy a property you need a NIE(we can help to obtain a NIE) and you can enter with a tourist visa.

      Let me know if you have any question.


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      • Hi there

        Me and my partner are looking to buy a property in Spain. We are polish but living in Scotland. I own property which I would like to rent it out in Uk . What taxes we will have to pay in Uk and Spain for having properties in both countries?
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    My fiance & I (both from different EU countries) would like to buy a property in Spain (not sure yet which area) It will be in his name, so I guess he needs to get NIE first & after I can get it too. Does it matter where we apply for NIE? Should be the region of the property we purchase?
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    I would like to buy a investment property in Spain. If I purchase, would I be able to stay in it for holiday and for how long at a time? Plus, when it is not occupied by us, can we rent it out? thanks

    • Colby,

      Yes, you can buy a property, rent it and when it is not rented you can stay in it… if you are not an EU resident you can only stay for 90 days. One of our lawyers will contact you to explain the whole process of buying…


  33. Hello,

    I’m an EU-citizen living in another EU-country and I’m considering buying a house in Spain. I’m still looking for a property and it could take some time before I decide on one. Would it be advisable to apply for a NIE number already (and is this possible before even finding or deciding on a property)?

  34. To qualify for a golden visa must the purchase of 500k be made at one time for a single property? Or if someone purchased multiple properties over a period of time that equated to $500k could they qualify for the golden visa?

    Also must the property be paid off in full before qualifying for the golden visa?


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