Immigration Lawyers In Spain

Our immigration lawyers at MySpanishResidency, can help you with any legal related matter. We know that sometimes bureaucracy in Spain can be hard to understand. There are many legal barriers and ambiguities that can make any legal process difficult and tedious

Thanks to our experience and expertise in the Spanish law system, we will put you in touch with a team of lawyers that will help you with any legal matter

Our lawyers and advisors will ensure that your landing in Spain is as smooth as possible.

This method has allowed us to successfully handle more than 1.200 cases, including consultations, formalities and administrative and judicial procedures.

At My Spanish Residency, our main objective is the resolution of any legal issue you may encounter when coming to Spain. Therefore, we adapt to your requirements in order to provide the best service in a climate of deep trust between you and us.

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Why choosing an immigration lawyer

Spanish law can be tricky sometimes, therefore, you may want some help to sort out the bureaucratic obstacles of our country. This is where the figure of an immigration lawyer comes in.

At MySpanishResidency, we believe that promoting the dissemination of legal knowledge is an axiom and the key to progress in society.

Our team of lawyers only exercises its function as legal technicians, we take care of accompanying the client throughout the process until its final resolution and always with the best treatment, both professionally and personally. All our lawyers carry out this work of accompaniment regardless of whether the client comes to the office to solve an administrative issue or seeks advice in the field of labor.


Having clients from all over the world makes it compulsory to have a team of lawyers that speaks different languages.

We are diverse team with different nationalities and languages.

All our team is composed by english speaking lawyers, but we also speak German, French, Finnish, Swedish, Catalan and  of course, Spanish. 

A good immigration lawyer is continually in contact with the law, changes in regulation (especially local regulation) and the authorities that grant residence permits and review applications submitted. Having an immigration lawyer simplifies the process of applying for visas and residence permits. The advantage for the client to have direct contact with the lawyer is the simplicity of someone who guides you and solves all the problems. In case you need clarifications, documentation or information about the process you will have it from your lawyer who as an immigration expert knows the process and the officials involved.

From our point of view, a team of lawyers can provide you with documentation and clarifications quickly and in situ that in case of doubt on the part of the authorities, which could constitute a reason for refusal of the request if he was not in the procedure.

FAQs about our immigration services.

How many languages do you speak?

All our team is composed by english speaking lawyers, but we also speak German, French, Finnish, Swedish, Catalan and of course, Spanish.

What do you specialize in?

MySpanishResidency is one of the most specialized Spanish immigration law firms in obtaining the Golden Visa, but we also offer other residency permits, like non-lucrative visas, work visas… etc. If you want to apply for a residence permit in Spain, obtain Spanish citizenship or want to move to the country but don’t know where to start, just contact us, and we will drive you smoothly through the Spanish bureaucracy.

Do you offer immigration services in Barcelona?

Sure! MySpanishResidency has offices in Barcelona and Madrid, and our immigration lawyers can help you with any legal matter involving Spanish immigration law system. This means that even we may not have an office in the city where you are going, we can help you too.

Do you charge for the first consultation?

We don’t charge anything for the first consultation. Just contact us and we will try to help you. A quick 30 minutes meeting with you, that will help us know your case better, so we can offer a tailored solution for you.

Residence permit for investors. The Minimum investment is 500.000€

Find practical information about taxes in Spain for foreigners and companies. 

We can help you finding business opportunities in Spain and setting up your own company.

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