Retirement Visa Spain

The Spanish Retirement Visa, commonly referred to as the Spanish Non-Lucrative Visa, opens the doors to a one-year sojourn in Spain, granting you the privilege to savor the pleasant Spanish climate and relish delectable Mediterranean cuisine.

This visa is designated for non-Spanish citizens who have reached the retirement age and harbor no intentions of seeking employment in Spain. Instead, it offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in the Spanish lifestyle and culture.

Under the provisions of this visa, you are entitled to engage in remote work, either through your own business or with clients located outside of Spain.

At our specialized immigration law firm, we specialize in facilitating the application process for the Spanish Retirement Visa, ensuring that you meet all the requisites and legal mandates for a seamless transition to retirement in Spain.

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The retirement visa allows citizens from nations that are not members of the European Union to reside in Spain, provided they can support themselves financially.

The Spain retirement Visa is used by those with an intent of retiring in Spain, British retirees, or anyone seeking to live in Spain without working since the United Kingdom’s exit as a European Union member.

Person’s allowed to obtain the Spain’s retirement Visa include

• Those wishing to retire in Spain
• Non-European Union citizens intending to reside in Spain but working remotely from
• Anyone planning to live in Spain for a year without working awaiting the Spanish work permit

Requirements of the Retirement permit in Spain

Anyone applying for the permit must prove their financial ability, which means they can support themselves and their family without working. Those in possession of the Visa are allowed to reside in Spain for one year once they enter the Spanish territories.

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Those in possession of the Spain’s retirement Visa are

  • Allowed to reside in Spain for only one year after they enter into Spanish territory
  • Spend 183 days in the Spanish territory, on the minimum, before they can renew their Visas
  • Are non-Spanish citizens living in Spain for a period exceeding three months
  • Liable as tax residents of Spain
  • Subject to double taxation treaties, they are taxed on their income generated from worldwide transactions.
  • Subject to renewing their visas after every two years until they obtain a permanent visa to be in Spain
  • Eligible to being granted the permanent Visas only after spending five years in Spanish territories
  • Not allowed to gain any income physically or economically until their eligibility is confirmed.
  • Not permitted to invest in any industry in Spain.
  • Allowed to study while in possession of the Spain’s retirement Visa
  • Not allowed to work for any Spaniard employer during the period of possessing the Visa
  • Possessing the Spanish retirement Visa only will enable you to invest in Spain or generate ant additional income b without

Requirements for Qualifying for the Spanish Retirement Visa

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Anyone with a wish to retire in Spain must fulfill a certain requirement. The retire in Spain requirements encompasses several things. Below are requirements that one fulfill before they are considered eligible to apply for retirement Visa:

1. Must be able to sustain themselves financially because they stay in Spain without work as they are not allowed to earn any income while they reside in Spain. The income approved is from either their investments, income earned from investments in other countries or retirement benefits.

2. Must prove their eligibility to access sufficient income by presenting documents such as investment accounts documents, bank statements, documents proving their private pensions, or documents proving their government’s social security.

3. One must register and make regular payments granting them access to Spanish health insurance. The insurance, however, varies depending on the provider but ranges between One hundred and fifty to two hundred Euro pounds monthly.

4. Two national visa applications must be fully completed and signed.

5. Two passport size pictures are attached to the application forms. The passports must be recent and must be taken on a white background.

6. Must own a passport valid for more than one year. The passport must have two pages on the minimum. While presenting the application, you must make a copy of all the pages.

7. Must have a document permitting them to return to their home country. The document could be in the form of either a resident card, student visa, or a work visa. The document must be stamped. The validity of the document must be beyond three months beyond the expected stay in Spain.

8. Must have either a driver’s license or the home country government photo identity card. Whatever they present must have their home address in it.

9. Must have a police clearance. The clearance must be in the form of an original good conduct certificate. For retirement in Spain for us citizens and, the clearance must be issued by a wing under either US department of justice. The wing could be either the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) or your state’s residence criminal background check. The document must be translated into Spanish and legalized in Apostille Certificate, where the applicant has a police certificate to be eligible for retirement in Spain for US citizens.

Suppose the applicant was in a country that is not a member of the Hague Convention. In that case, the document must be legalised by both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Spaniard Consulate in the country of application.

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When it comes to retirement in Spain for UK citizens, the certificate must not be older than three months since the date of application. Local police reports from the municipality and online police reports are not accepted.

10. Must possess a local health certificate translated into Spanish. The certificate must have a letterhead, a stamp, and the doctor’s signature. The certificate verifies the applicant’s freeness from any disease or illness prone to spreading quickly internationally, causing severe repercussions to public health. The certificate must not be more than three months old since its application.

The certificate has two lists. The first list comprises poliomyelitis caused by the wild poliovirus, smallpox, human influenza virus caused by a new subtype of the virus and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). The second list approves your freeness from illnesses such as cholera, yellow fever, pneumonic plague, West Nile virus, and viral hemorrhagic fevers such as Marburg, Ebola, Lassa, or any other disease that is of special importance either nationally or regionally. The list encompasses dengue fever, rift valley fever and meningococcal disease. Due to the new Covid-19 pandemic, fresh requirements might be included in the list.

11. Must possess showing that they receive retirement dues from either a public or private institution. The document presented must be the original certificate translated in Spanish and specify the amount you receive every month.

12. Must have any documents proving any other source of income in Spain or the USA. The documents could either be in the form of the previous year’s bank or investment statements.

13. Documents proving accommodation in the city you wish to reside in. The proof of capacity is presented as follows:

  • A letter notarizing invitation from either a member of your family or a friend. In the letter, a family member or friend must show their assumption of responsibility for lodging.
  • A lease document
  • A deed of the property you will be residing in.
  • A letter clearly explaining your reason for living in the particular city chosen

The applicant must have a lease document, a rental contract, or any document showing and prove that they are the eligible owners of the property they will reside.

14. A document proving their private health insurance covering them fully in Spain.

15. Authorization of the application for residing in Span. The authorization is commonly referred to as EX-01

16. An authorization of fees from the initial residence.

17. The applicants’ visa fee is only paid via money order. The fee is only payable to the Consulate General of Spain.

18. Some consulate might require an applicant to present a document in a personal statement where they clearly state their reason for relocating to Spain under the retirement visa Spain.

Retirement Visa Application

Anyone applying for the retirement visa in Spain must present their application to the Spanish Consulate or the Spanish embassy in the country of application three months before their planned time of exit to Spain. The applicants usually book an appointment where they submit their documents and make an official application. Applicants must note that their appointments usually take weeks or months, and the visa processing takes up to two months of approval and processing.

Due to these two reasons, they are advised to make their plans ahead and make their bookings early. Spanish consulates require the applicants to bring all the required documents during their appointments. The documents must meet all the specified guidelines as to how recently they were filled. The consulate staff’s appointment is usually aimed at primarily reviewing the documents’ eligibility, completeness, proper apostillation in case it is required and translation where it is required.

Once you apply, the processing period can take up to one or two months or longer. After approval, you must make another visit to the Spanish consulate or embassy, where you pick your Visa. The whole period from commencement to obtaining an official ticket to Spain is estimated to take up to six months.

How much do you need to retire to Spain?

If you want to retire in Spain you need to prove that you have at least €30,000 per person for the first year. This can be demonstrated by savings, passive income or pensions.

How do I get a retirement visa for Spain?

Our team of lawyers will help you through the whole process of obtaining a Spanish retirement visa.

Conclusion About Spanish retirement Visa

I hope it is clear to you how to obtain the Spanish retirement visa, if you have any doubts our team of lawyers will be happy to help you throughout the process to obtain your visa, for us the Spanish retirement visa is the best retirement visa countries regarding to the rest of retirement: dubai retirement visa, uruguay retirement visa, retirement visa ecuador, retirement visa new zealand, retirement visa in portugal…