Retire in Marbella, Spain

Marbella emerges as an alluring destination for retirement in the heart of Andalusia. Blessed with a privileged location and a climate that’s second to none, this city beckons tourists year-round. Marbella offers a wealth of activities and attractions, making it a uniquely comprehensive place to spend your retirement.

Many UK citizens are drawn to Marbella, captivated by its pristine beaches and the deep well of cultural heritage it boasts. In this post, we’ll guide you through the intricacies of enjoying your retirement in Marbella and provide insights into the advantages and considerations of this remarkable city in Andalusia.

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retire in marbella
Puerto Romano in Marbella, Spain

How to Retire in Marbella: The Retirement Visa

If you are planning to retire in Marbella, or anywhere in Spain, and you are a non EU citizen, it is likely that you’ll need a non lucrative visa.

A non-lucrative visa allows you to enter Spain for the purpose of living there without working. It is known as a long-stay or retirement visa in Spain. The key criterion for obtaining this visa is that you have ample financial resources to support yourself without having to work in Spain.

Once you obtain a non lucrative visa you will be able to start living in Marbella.

But… What about the housing?

Retirement in Marbella: Finding a house in the area

For many people, retiring in Marbella has long been a fantasy. Who wouldn’t want to spend their days in the sea, on sandy beaches, eating healthy food, and participating in fun activities – and typically at a lower cost than in the UK.

If you still haven’t got a place to live in Marbella you can follow this quick guide to find a house there.

Buying a house

House prices in Marbella can go from 300,000€ to 750,000€ on average. The average cost of housing per square meter in Marbella is 1700€. If you are planning to buy a home to retire in Marbella we recommend you checkout this guide on how to buy a house in Spain. You’ll find the exact steps you need to follow to buy a property in Marbella, the payable taxes…etc


If you want to live in Marbella without spending the retirement savings in buying a home, you can rent a property there. Prices for rental homes in Marbella range from 800€ to 1800€ a month for a 2 story apartment near city center. You can check on portals like Idealista:

Retirement in Marbella: The Healthcare

If you plan to apply for a Non Lucrative Visa to Live in Marbella you’ll need a good health care plan. If you don’t have a Health Insurance to live in Spain we recommend you have a look at Allianz HealthCare plans for expats.

If you already have a health plan, you’ll be happy to hear that on the Costa del Sol, clinics and hospitals are well-established. Both government-sponsored (state) and privately funded options are readily accessible, and almost all medical professionals speak English fluently.

The Live in Marbella

The Economy

Like most of the Andalusian provinces, Marbella’s economy depends -at least 80%- on the tertiary sector activities. Sure, there is some movement in construction, industry and agricultural activities, but nothing to do compared to the availability and predominance of jobs in services and commerce, which occupy an important place – 60% and 20%, respectively – in the economic development of Marbella. As far as job hunting is concerned, if you speak more than one language, so much the better, since the hotel and real estate industries are constantly looking for new talent.

The Weather and activities you can do

In Marbella there is everything from sunny beaches to snow-capped mountains, and thanks to this you can enjoy an average temperature of 18˚C. The combination of all these natural conditions favors the growth of the most varied flora and fauna, as well as circumstances conducive to a host of outdoor activities. With 320 sunny days a year it is very difficult to stay at home watching movies; Marbella pushes you to go horseback riding, play tennis, golf, various water activities, family picnics and even skiing in the Sierra Nevada.


If your grandchild is moving to Spain with you, you might be interested in the Schools in the area. Marbella has both private and public schools to choose from. Regardless of which one you choose, you can be sure that the education you receive will be first class. The only difference between private and public schools is that the former meet certain attractive features, such as the fact of an international degree, as is the case with the Calpe School and Mayfair Academy, among other institutions. Those are some of the main international schools in Marbella.

  • Calpe College International School: follows a British curriculum and caters for children from 2 to 10 years.
  • The British International School of Marbella offers contemporary British international education from early years through to secondary.
  • Swans International School offers primary and secondary education.
  • The English International College offers primary and secondary education.
  • Laude San Pedro International College is based on the British education system, with students from 3 to 18 years old.


Everybody likes good food. When you retire in Marbella, you will probably eat everything you find, because the gastronomic offer is unlimited. The local cuisine is amazing and varied. The restaurants offer a wide range of dishes, with Spanish dishes taking center stage. The best restaurants in Marbella are especially located around the beach. There are also plenty of drinks to wash down the food, including local cocktails.

Marbella has a great and delicious gastronomic culture.

Is Marbella an expensive place to live?

Marbella is less expensive than the major European cities. However, when compared to similar-sized European cities, it might not be in Marbella’s favor. The explanation for this is that it is extremely common among tourists and expats, and demand determines price.

What is the easiest way to retire in marbella FROM THE UK?

The easiest way to retire in Marbella if you are UK citizen is using a Non Lucrative Visa. Also know as Retirement Visas, Non Lucrative Visas are the way to go if you want to retire in any European Country. By demonstrating possession of enough economic means, you’ll be granted a Spanish residency permit.


The easiest way to retire in Marbella if you are UK citizen is using a Non Lucrative Visa. Also know as Retirement Visas, Non Lucrative Visas are the way to go if you want to retire in any European Country. If you are a wealthy investor seeking to buy a home to retire in Marbella you could also be elegible for a Golden Visa.

Is Marbella a good place to retire?

Yes! Marbella is one of the most popular locations amongst UK and US citizen who come to retire in Spain. It’s sunny beaches and delicious gastronomy make it the perfect place to live a peaceful retirement.

Is it expensive to live in Marbella?

The estimated monthly cost for a couple living in Marbella for is 2,145€ on average without rent. Usually the cost of living in Marbella for single person is around 850€ (without rent).

Is Marbella a safe place to retire?

Yes. In fact Marbella is one of the safest cities in Spain. Being one of the most popular cities in Costa del Sol, Marbella is a magnet for tourists and expats around the world looking for a sunny and peaceful place in Spain to retire.