Retire In Seville, Spain

Seville is a city that enchants visitors with its enchanting blend of beauty and vibrant colors. Its abundance of artistic treasures, modern amenities, rich gastronomy, delightful climate, and sustainable mobility options, including an extensive bike lane network, are just a few of the compelling reasons to consider Seville as your retirement destination.

As the largest city in southern Spain, Seville is undeniably one of the most captivating in the entire country, and Sevillians would argue, the entire universe. This city boasts its own unique history and distinctive personality, making it an enticing prospect for those contemplating a move to Seville. If you’re contemplating the idea of calling Seville home, we’ve compiled essential information to assist you in making an informed decision.

At our specialized immigration law firm, we are poised to guide you through the intricacies of settling in Seville, ensuring your transition to this remarkable city is smooth and stress-free, aligning with all legal requirements and your unique situation.

How to Retire in Seville: The Retirement Visa

If you are planning to retire in Seville, or anywhere in Spain, and you are a non EU citizen, it is likely that you’ll need a non lucrative visa.

A non-lucrative visa allows you to enter Spain for the purpose of living there without working. It is known as a long-stay or retirement visa in Spain. The key criterion for obtaining this visa is that you have ample financial resources to support yourself without having to work in Spain.

Once you obtain a non lucrative visa you will be able to start living in Seville.

But… What about the housing?

Retirement in Seville: Finding a house in the area

For many people, retiring in Seville has long been a fantasy. Who wouldn’t want to spend their days in the sea, on sandy beaches, eating healthy food, and participating in fun activities – and typically at a lower cost than in the UK.

If you still haven’t got a place to live in Seville you can follow this quick guide to find a house there.

Buying a house

House prices in Seville can go from 300,000€ to 750,000€ on average. The average cost of housing per square meter in Seville is 1700€. If you are planning to buy a home to retire in Seville we recommend you checkout this guide on how to buy a house in Spain. You’ll find the exact steps you need to follow to buy a property in Seville, the payable taxes…etc


If you want to live in Seville without spending the retirement savings in buying a home, you can rent a property there. Prices for rental homes in Seville range from 800€ to 1800€ a month for a 2 story apartment near city center. You can check on portals like Idealista:

Basic Facts about Seville

First things first, obviously: learn the basics about Seville. Like the fact that it is the capital of Andalusia, the fourth most populated city in Spain (with about 700,000 inhabitants) and that it’s hot as hell in summer (now, winter is very mild). And it has an art that can not be endured. And that’s how it is.

Choose a neighbourhood to retire in Seville

Your experience in a city can vary greatly depending on which neighborhood you want to live in. The historic center is a safe bet with a lot of charm, but it’s also very expensive. Triana, on the other side of the river, is a viable option. Many young professionals choose Nervión over La Macarena and Reina Mercedes (which are a little farther out of the center).

Cost of life in Seville

The city is not expensive, in general terms, if we compare it with other similar cities, except perhaps for transportation. Quite the contrary. Apartment rent and food, for example, are quite affordable, as well as other leisure expenses (a beer, a movie ticket, that sort of thing). In that sense, you won’t have to dig deep into your pocket.

A very social city.

The character of the Sevillians is frankly open (too much, perhaps?), and if you are looking for a place with a lot of nightlife and cultural activity, this is a good destination. You won’t be short of places and friends to go out. The city is famous for its many festivals: the April Fair, Easter, the May Crosses, the Corpus Christi, San Fernando, La Virgen de los Reyes…

FAQs about retiring in Seville

So far we have covered everything you might want to know when retiring in Seville. If you want to know more about retiring in Spain or just need basic advice on the legal procedure you need to follow to retire in Seville, contact our immigration lawyers!

Is seville an expensive place to live?

Seville is less expensive than the major European cities. However, when compared to similar-sized European cities, it might not be in Seville’s favor. The explanation for this is that it is extremely common among tourists and expats, and demand determines price.

What is the easiest way to retire in Seville FROM THE UK?

The easiest way to retire in Seville if you are UK citizen is using a Non Lucrative Visa. Also know as Retirement Visas, Non Lucrative Visas are the way to go if you want to retire in any European Country. By demonstrating possession of enough economic means, you’ll be granted a Spanish residency permit.


The easiest way to retire in Seville if you are UK citizen is using a Non Lucrative Visa. Also know as Retirement Visas, Non Lucrative Visas are the way to go if you want to retire in any European Country. If you are a wealthy investor seeking to buy a home to retire in Seville you could also be elegible for a Golden Visa.

Is Seville a good place to retire?

Yes! Seville is one of the most popular locations amongst UK and US citizen who come to retire in Spain. It’s sunny beaches and delicious gastronomy make it the perfect place to live a peaceful retirement.

Is it expensive to live in Seville?

The estimated monthly cost for a couple living in Seville for is 2,145€ on average without rent. Usually the cost of living in Seville for single person is around 850€ (without rent).

Is Seville a safe place to retire?

Yes. In fact Seville is one of the safest cities in Spain. Being one of the most popular cities in Costa del Sol, Seville is a magnet for tourists and expats around the world looking for a sunny and peaceful place in Spain to retire.